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About malnutrition

The number of children with nutrition problems in Romania is increasing year by year. Due to poverty, many kids do not get a sufficient and suitable dose of nutrients. Malnutrition influences both physical and emotional development.
Its usual effects are attention loss, a fall of intellectual potential, lack of interest in gaining any new experiences.
Dystrophy, rachitis, anemia, rotting teeth etc. have become very frequent; additionally, there is also a serious of diseases caught as a result of a lack of personal hygiene and a loss of immunity to infections.

Social integration is largely altered by the marginalization of those affected by this disease, mainly due to their general state, physical and emotional. Especially malnourished children remain ‘scarred’ for the rest of their lives because of problems relating to the integration in a group which often times cannot accept them.

October 16th – World Food Day – this day gives us the occassion to remember the millions of malnourrished people, most of whom live in rural areas where most of their income comes from agriculture.

What should not be ignored is the fact that this is happening right next to us, in the most unexpected places. It is enough if you simply CHOOSE to open your eyes.. and you are bound to SEE!