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About us

The “S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation is a non-profit, independent and non-governmental organization.
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Our main goal is to supply food on a daily basis to the children (preschoolers and those in primary school) whose parents cannot provide for them the necessary supply of nutrients. Due to that, each day, during their time at school, we offer them a meal which will help them be more receptive, develop their curiosity about the world and allow them to benefit from what the school offers. If the primary human need, i.e. food, is not satisfied, children will suffer from a loss of their ability to concentrate, a complete lack of interest in any new and useful knowledge, and even from their alienation from society.
We prioritize the children in the Prahova county and especially those in the area of the city of Valenii de Munte. The main project launched by our foundation is “Tummy S.O.S.“!

The “S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation was founded in May 2009 by Maspex România as the main founder, together with a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

The board of directors makes sure that our goal is achieved by establishing a stabile general strategy for the foundation’s activities, accepting the budget, with the costs and revenue made, as well as maintaining a balance sheet.

Our programs are completely transparent, meaning that anyone involved, be it a donor or a volunteer, can ask by directly emailing us at office@ajutorpentruburtica.ro for a detailed account of the project to which they have contributed.