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2% for the “S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation

Beginning with the 2005 fiscal year, the Romanian government implemented a law giving the employed an opportunity to choose a non-governmental organization to which they can donate 2% of their revenue tax.

This sum does not make you a sponsor or represent a donation, since it is essentially a part of the state budget, which is solely directed by a citizen to the non-governmental sector.
The 2% provision allows the individual persons to direct 2% of their revenue tax to any non-governmental organization (association or foundation).
Allowing the 2% to be given away contributes to the creation of a more transparent fiscal climate.

Starting today, you can open your eyes and extend your hand!
You can start by directing the 2% of you revenue tax! If you want to direct the 2% of your revenue tax to the “S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation, you don’t have to do any further spending!

All you have to do is:

1.    Ask your employer for the fiscal form.
2.    Complete it with your personal information and sign Form 230.

The foundation’s information has already been completed by us.
You don’t have to complete the “sum” rubric, as that will be calculated and filled in by the Financial Administration.

a) To send the form via e-mail – we will send it directly to the Financial Administration to which you belong:
Our address: “S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation
Street Ştefan cel Mare No. 38- 40, Citu: Vălenii de Munte, County: Prahova
b) Give it yourself to the Financial Administration you belong to.


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