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How can you help

» 2% of your income tax – 2% box
Both individuals or companies wishing to collaborate by donating products or money, should access the contact tab.

» Individual donations (donation box)
» Company donations (donation box) 
All donations given by Romanian companies can be taken from the tax placed on your profits.

» A partenership

We are open to any involvement in our projects, whether of public institutions or private companies.

» Various ways of collaborating.

You can post one of our banners on your site or blog or you can even write about our project „SOS for Tummy”. Click here to download and choose whatever suits you best:










Get involved! Our biggest dream is for you to get actively involved in the activities organized by the „S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation. Due to that, we are open to all of your ideas. To do so, access the contact tab.
Our programs are completely transparent, meaning that anyone involved, be it a donor or a volunteer, can ask by directly emailing us at office@ajutorpentruburtica.ro, for a detailed account of the project to which they have contributed.