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“Tummy S.O.S.”

Started on June, 1st 2009, this was the first project launched by the “S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation. It consisted of giving the children from the Valea Gardului area in Valenii de Munte (School number 2 and Kindergarten number 3) packages with food on a daily basis.

The children received our initiative with a lot of enthusiasm, realizing that this additional nourishment was very valuable in the many cases in which what their parents provided for them was insufficient. The standards of living of a large part of the families from the Valea Gardului area in the city of Valenii de Munte are very low. A majority of them are unemployed, without receiving any benefits from the state.

We have continued this programme, of such great importance to us, starting with September, 15th 2009, the first day of the new school year. It is still going on today!

On April, 1st 2011, all thanks to the support we got from you, we managed to extend the “Tummy S.O.S.” project in the another school in Valenii de Munte!
We distribute the food packages amongst all of the students attending the Miuleşti school. There are 43 children, in grades I-IV.

Also on April, 1st, we launched a new part of “Tummy S.O.S.” project for the children in the Valea Gardului area. We now provide them with a hot meal, as we are convinced that many of them would not be receiving one otherwise.

On November, the 10th 2014, thanks to the support we’ve got from you, we extend the “Tummy S.O.S.” project in Poiana Copăceni School, near Vălenii de Munte, having 106 pupils.
We believe that with your goodwill and support this program can continue!

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