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2009 Projects

Tummy S.O.S.

Starting with June 1st 2009, we launched our first project. It constituted approximately 700 food packages given to the children in the Valea Gardului area – the city of Valenii de Munte (School number 2, Kindergarten number 3).
Our initiative was very enthusiastically recieved by the kids, as the food they get at home from their parents often is insufficient.

A large part of the families that inhabit the Valea Gardului area – the city of Valenii de Munte, have low living standards, most of them being unemployed, without any job or recieving social aid from the Valenii de Munte town hall. The program was re-lauched on September 15th 2009, the start of this school year, and is still run by our foundation.

Ready for school?

As a part of this project, we offered the children all the stationery and materials needed at the start of the new school year (school bags containing books, notebooks, pencils etc.)
With the help of the sponsors, as well as with the money taken from the Foundation’s budget, we wanted to exclude the differences, in many cases formed between the children at school, due to their varying financial situations.
The project is addressed to the children of the School in the Valea Gardului area – the city of Valenii de Munte.

“Gifts from Santa”

Santa Claus and his helpers arrived on December 14th to the School and Kindergarten in the Valea Gardului area. The children anxiously awaited Santa and when he finally arrived, they thanked him with poems and songs they had patiently learned over the course of the year.


Aid for the Foundation “Children against darkness” (House for Children – Domneşti village, Street: Sârbi, No. 213, Ilfov County)

This project, started and kept up by its founder, Tymbark Maspex Romania, was taken over by our foundation.
In order to continue this program, a certain amount of money is to be donated on a monthly basis to buy school supplies for children in the school. Apart from these monthly donations, we join the kids for numerous events, such as: Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas Eve, Easter, school festivities. Similarly, we have begun various project focusing on the collection of clothing and toys for them.
Both the employees of Tymbark Maspex Romania and the Polish community in Romania have gotten involved in this project, donating money for the little ones.