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2010 Projects

Tummy S.O.S.

Throughout the year our foundation continued this project, which had been initiated in June of 2009. This time around, for an entire year, we supplied daily nourishment to the children from the Valea Gardului area in the city of Valenii de Munte (School number 2 and Kindergarten number 3). In total, approximately 15, 000 packages with food were served to the 90 children who frequent the school and kindergarten.
We would like to thank all of those who were there to help and support us. We hope to work closely with you in the future, once more!


Children from Valea Gardului met Santa!

1serbare2010.jpg2serbare2010.jpgWith the end of the year approaching once again, the kids from Valea Gardului awaited the arrival of Santa Claus filled with excitement, but also having prepared some wonderful surprises of their own. Every child got ready for this occasion, learning poems and songs, which delighted Santa Claus just as much as they pleased the parents. With the help of students from the American International School of Bucharest and many others, equally generous, every child received a gift. We would like to thank all of those who participated in this project and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Your Chance Festival

On December 8th 2010 the “S.O.S. for Tummy” Foundation, alongside the Casa de Cultura Valenii de Munte, took part in the 11th edition of the celebrations organized as part of the “Your Chance Festival.”
These celebrations take place annually in over 50 European countries. It is intended to promote the concept of continuing education throughout all stages of life.
During this year’s festival an arts and crafts workshop was organized, as well as a ceremonial opening of young Ancuţa Grigorescu’s art exhibition, symbolically titled “The Flowers of the Soul.”

An Easter for everyone!

paste2010.jpgThis project was carried out with the aid of the International Women’s Association (IWA), which sustained our initative of making packages with basic food products found on a typical Easter table, and delivering them to the impoverished families in the Valea Gardului area in Valenii de Munte.
We were able to finalize this project with Mrs. Izabella Zajączkowska, splitting the packages and bringing in a joyful pleasant spirit!
We would like to thank all those who have made this possible!

Aid for the Foundation “Children against darkness” (House for Children – Domneşti village, Street: Sârbi, No. 213, Ilfov County)

domnesti3.jpgdomnesti1.jpgThis project, started and kept up by its founder, Tymbark Maspex Romania, was taken over by our foundation.
In order to continue this program, a certain amount of money is to be donated on a monthly basis to buy school supplies for children in the school. Apart from these monthly donations, we join the kids for numerous events, such as: Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas Eve, Easter, school festivities. Similarly, we have begun various project focusing on the collection of clothing and toys for them.
Both the employees of Tymbark Maspex Romania and the Polish community in Romania have gotten involved in this project, donating money for the young ones.