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2012 Projects

Santa is coming!

For some of the children at School No. 2, Valenii de Munte, Santa has already arrived!

And this was possible with the help of Real Hypermarket Store in Ploiești. At the invitation of these wonderful people, we mobilized and started off singing carols to them! Chivaran Com. has provided us a bus,  to reach Santa safely :)!

The kids were thrilled when they saw the presents Santa Claus offered them!

The little ones have tried to reward Santa and therefore they prepared various ornaments for the Real Hypermarket`s Christmas tree.

Thank you Real Hipermarket!


Merry Christmas to you all!


We have great reason to be proud, as we are once more able to join the little ones at the start of their school year! Thus, while they attend Kindergarten No.3, School No.2 and the Miulești School in Valenii de Munte (Valea Gardului area), we offer the children a meal that can help them be more receptive, more excited about acquiring new knowledge and more likely to take advantage of the benefits offered by education.

The 86 children from the Valea Gardului area in the town of Valenii de Munte (School No. 2, Kindergartden No. 3) receive a hot meal at lunch everyday!

Similarly, the “Tummy SOS” project will continue at the Miulesti school in Valenii de Munte! Here, at lunchtime, 66 children receive packages with food on a daily basis during the school year.

A large group of volunteers helped us prepare the school supplies necessary at the beginning of the year for the children in Valea Gardului!

Thank you for your continuing support!