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2015 Projects

Thank you, KLEVEK GROUP, for the sponsorship!

2015 continues with great news! Thanks to the sponsorship received from KLEVEK GROUP, we can provide 3714 meals to those 190 pupils from Valea Gardului and Poiana Copăceni areas, which means providing hot meals during 4 weeks of school!

KLEVEK GROUP, thank you very much for making this possible!



Thank you, IWA, for the sponsorship!

At the beginning of the school year 2014-2015, thanks to the sponsorship offered by International Association of Women in Bucharest (IWA), we were able to equip four schools (Gura Vitioarei School; Poiana Copăceni School; Bughea de Jos School and Făget Primary School – preparatory classes) from Prahova County with the following facilities:
– 4 laptops;
– 4 projectors;
– 4 projection screens.

Thank you, IWA, for making this possible!



Thank you, TELEKOM ROMANIA, for the sponsorship!
The new year arrived with wonderful news for the Foundation “S.O.S for tummy!”. Thanks to TELEKOM ROMANIA MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS S.A.’s sponsorship of 5000 EUR, we’ll be able to offer 6 270 meals to those 190 pupils from Valea Gardului area (School No. 2, Kindergarten No. 3) and Poiana Copăceni. That means providing hot meals for this children during 7 school weeks!

TELEKOM ROMANIA, the little ones want to thank you that you have been there, making this possible!

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Many thanks to Kołodziejczyk Family for the sponsorship!
With family Kołodziejczyk’s help, we managed to give a laptop to School No. 2 from Valea Gardului.
Children thank you so much for this opportunity!

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